About Us

History of VACU Industries

Vacu Industries was founded in 2016 with a combined experience of 25 years in the industry.
The idea behind the new business model was too meet the needs of stakeholders and employees.
By meeting the needs, the possibility of market growth for a business is unlimited.
VACU Industries is sure too change the way we see the relationship between a client and a employee.

The vision statement of VACU Industries is to be become the creators of a new business model.

VACU Industries mission statement Is never to loose focus on why it was established and created.
Our mission is to create a learning environment for employees by combining family and business values.
By creating an unbreakable and passionate workforce, both clients and employees will grow.
Through this process we believe that VACU Industries will become a lifetime partner to both clients and employees.

VACU Industries core values are to strengthen the client and employee relationship.
Through this process it  will create a more effective business experience.
By giving recognition and empowerment to employees through motivation, education, and empowerment, employees will be able too grow. The true meaning of Vacu Industries is to create a passionate, courageous and positive workforce.

Vacu Industries - The Creators of a new business model.